I want my work to be affordable for everyone. To make this possible I use a range of materials and process’. My work is incredibly involved. I do everything myself apart from some elements of the bronze process which are done by the Foundry but even in this process I make my own waxes and do my own metal work and finishing. My work is very detailed and time consuming. I use traditional techniques and sculpt by hand from life. Every cast is handmade by me. Wherever possible I use ecologically sound and non toxic materials. My resin sculptures are all non toxic and ecologically sound. This means longer working hours and harder processes but is worthwhile, not only for the lack of toxicity but also for the natural quality of the finish. Even the aerosol paints I use are planet friendly. My prices are based on the costs of my materials, foundry costs and a reasonable but low hourly rate for working times. For very affordable pieces I make parts of bodies and simple abstract forms and well as selling prints of my sculptures, painting and drawings which can be viewed on application.


Bronze pieces: 30cm tall pieces traditional finishes are $1500-2500 Realistic painted finishes (oil and automative paint : $3000

Bronze twice scale : 60cm tall are $5000. Realistic painted finishes : 6500. Bigger enlargements are available by commission

Eco resin Indoor or outdoor work (resin versions of bronze works): 30 cm tall single colour or traditional finishes : $500

Eco resin Indoor or outdoor work realistically painted: $1000 or abstract paintwork: $700

Wall mounted Graffiti arms: small - $100 Large - $300

Abstract body parts - $50


I work as a solo performance artist as well as in collaboration with other artists. The average fee is $200 per hour increasing depending on numbers of performers.


$100 an Hour I am happy to play hour long sets but prefer longer deeper performances. My prices goes down the more hours you want.


I organise parties and events in their entirety including recruitment. Prices depend on the scale of events and start at $500


My workshop fees are $59.50 per hour.


I am skilled across disciplines and have a great knowledge of materials and making processes. I have a lot of experience in delivering, managing and curating exhibitions and enjoy assisting other artists and organisations. $35 an Hour