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Boom Boom Bean Selecta is the DJ’ing Alter-ego of Leonie Rhodes. They have become well known on the international underground scene for intense and life-changing dancefloor experiences and events. Boom Boom Bean Selecta grew up in South East London and was part of the Jungle movement. They witnessed the birth of Breaks, Dubstep, Drum and Bass and the revolutionary power of the House music generation. Bean Selecta weaves together powerful musical narratives, they mix thoughtfully and creatively in key and across genres; building and reading the dancefloor.  Ultimately mixing towards an experience of movement and unity for everyone involved. Bean Selecta's sets are laden with heavy bass lines, serious London grit, groove and radical storylines. Their work dissolves the boundaries between performance art and underground rave culture, and performer/DJ and audience/other. Bean Selecta collaborates live with Projection artists, VJ’s,Digital painters, graffiti writers, performance artists, movers, rovers and participation/interactivity/engagement of the audience as participant to create a wholistic tran-disciplinary dance floor experience.


MJ O'Neill  recommends Boom Boom Bean Selecta UK.

Easily my favourite DJ, anywhere. One of the few DJs on the planet to excel at both the conceptual/artistic side of DJing and the sheer technical chops. They'll cater a mix to an event that's challenging, funny, intelligent and relevant - and deliver it with the precision and technique that just utterly destroys the dancefloor. It's honestly pure delight to just watch them do their thing.

Ellen Es  recommends Boom Boom Bean Selecta UK.

boom boom bean selecta is one of the most innovative and fun DJs around. I can always count on having a real funky dirty dance to their sets. it's an immersive, multi sensory, unique experience. I've been lucky enough to see them play many times over several years and the consistency of the high quality of their performances really sets them apart as an artist. they always fully commit to their art - from bringing the right space and energy, to maintaining their cat persona and to giving their all on the decks. seeing their name on a lineup always gets me more excited for an event! 1000% recommend to anyone looking for a top quality DJ to bring in an excellent crowd, provide juicy vibes and get everyone boogeying down. they will blow your mind!

Amy Learmonth  recommends Boom Boom Bean Selecta UK.

A Boom Boom Bean Selecta set is a beautifully crafted sonic journey that will bring you through the deep and dirty, the liquid and squelchy, the gentle and the soulful. They will awaken all parts of your body to dance and to connect with those around you, resonating in the joy of a carefully curated aural landscape. Boom Boom Bean Selecta reads the room, tuning into to the vibe of a space to create a truly transformative dancefloor experience. Always well-prepped, seamless transitions, breadth and depth of high-quality selections, utterly devoted to the decks. A gift to your ears!

Marisa Georgiou  recommends Boom Boom Bean Selecta UK.

I literally didn’t understand where the artistry was in DJing until I heard Boom Boom Bean Selecta do a tiny gig for 6 people a few years ago and it was the best set I’ve ever seen... they still deliver every time though! Brissie is lucky to have them 💚

Mo Shak  recommends Boom Boom Bean Selecta UK.

Boom Boom Bean Selecta is one of the great djs Queensland has seen. you can always expect to hear some authentic music in their set from DnB to some very deep bass techno music. Their sets at Modifyer been a highlight for me specially saturday night burn. I will always try and make it to any gig that has Boom boom bean selecta on the bill.

Federica Caso  recommends Boom Boom Bean Selecta UK.

Boom Boom Bean Selecta is a great DJ. Having danced to several of their gigs, I can say that their style is immersive. We are talking of that kind of music that, if you are sitting and having a chat, invites you to leave the conversation to go for a boogie. And once you are dancing, Boom Boom Bean Selecta's music brings you into yourself, into your body, creating an ecstatic experience. I also find their music versatile. I can tell that Boom Boom Bean Selecta thinks about their audience when preparing their set. They connect with their audience and create a customised music experience each time that they play. I could not recommend Boom Boom Bean Selecta enough. Thanks for the passion you put in making your music!

Oskar Prosa  recommends Boom Boom Bean Selecta UK.

I happened to see Boom Boom Bean Selecta at a New Years Party and I haven't experienced such a journey with a DJane before. She was able to take us very deep down and up into spheres that are beyond beauty. So much tenderness, depth and strength. I want to go back to that moment so badly. THANK YOU.

Saara Roppola  recommends Boom Boom Bean Selecta UK.

Do you ever get the urge to sink deep into a groove and lose yourself in some indescribable and gorgeous state? Boom Boom Bean Selecta will take you by the hand, or loins, to places you didn't even know existed... but once you've been there, you'll need it again! 
Seriously, I've worked with them often and professionally speaking you can't go wrong. They've a uniquely talented ear for crafting dance experiences and accommodating different occasions and gatherings. And as a dancer, you're in for treat!

Andrew Jay Flaws  recommends Boom Boom Bean Selecta UK.

The sonic mastery of Boom Boom Bean Selecta is not something to be missed. Boom Boom Bean Selecta knows how to mould the vibe of a dance floor into something magical 

Philo Sophie  recommends Boom Boom Bean Selecta UK.

Anyone who is not fully vaccinated against beans is at risk of becoming infected when entering the dancefloor led by Boom Boom Bean Selecta. ... Boogie fever is a very contagious condition that causes the body to lose inhibition, developing into a groove that cannot be tamed. Boom Boom Bean Selecta can cause lucid, sometimes uncontrollable, dance moves that leave the patron feeling euphoric and exhilarated. 

Proceed with caution.

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