Collaborating in community has always been an important part of my practice. As well as collaborating with fine art colleagues on the creation of artworks and events, I specialise in running visual art workshops for children and adults.  I am interested in facilitating work which is practically successful while leaving space for people’s unique skills. This approach facilitates autonomy within an collaborative framework while demonstrating and instilling transferrable take home skills . I am passionate about presenting the work to the highest standard so that it can be viewed as the contemporary fine art that it is.  I often combine the works with abstract structures; creating large-scale participatory installation pieces. This elevates the work visually and conceptually, and creates a goal and collective achievement for the all the collaborators.

I've used my training and experience to design simple methodical classes, based on traditional sculpture techniques, street art and technical painting tricks to support people to create successful intricate and often complex sculptures and paintings. I use kit bags, handmade armatures and tools designed specifically for the groups or individuals needs, this allows me to facilitate collaborators of all ages and abilities. 

ArtPlay. Federation Square Melbourne.

City Gallery. Gold Coast. 2016

Brisbane Airport. Art with Altitude Exhibiton. 2016

The Gallery Space. ArtPlay. Federation Sq Melbourne.


The Green Room. A collaborative piece at Swell Sculpture festival 2013 with Natasha Edwards and Ruth Della. Photography by Rowly Emmett images are copy right of Rowly Emmett..

#TheWall Swell Sculpture Festival 2015

I built this Installation using recycled doors, it spelled out ‘We are Here’ from above. Its size increases in the divine mean or Golden ratio. Ironlak sponsored aerosols and paintpens for the ten days of the festival and I facilitated the public to participate and vandalise their thoughts, feelings and politics on to the walls. All the doors were hinged and moveable.

Shoreditch Townhall, Angels and Demons Exhibition.

I managed an art department for many years in a street level centre for profoundly vulnerable young people. I co-curated, managed and exhibited in an exhibition at Shoreditch Townhall in London in which we collaborated with thousands of young people to communicate the realities of their lives. It had huge impact in turning around the public and governments view of ‘Hoodies’ and led to a redirection of funding and policy in the Tory government as well as getting

In this space; ‘The City’. I worked closely with 3 young people to describe the systems of power within gang culture which lead to the youngest members taking part in shootings and other violent crimes. Groups of visiting children were facilitated to make work with ‘the city’ theme.

‘Frame' an installation in the Shoreditch show which I created in collaboration with one young person. When she was a very young child, she had been in bed with her mum and sister, a gun man entered and shot and killed her mother and sister. She was left to survive alone and became involved in gangs which aided her survival. I conceptualized a climbing frame which was impossible to climb.





‘The Hate’ was a collaboration with a young man who had been diagnosed as a sociopath after an extremely challenging start to life. It describes his feeling towards to world and the activities that filled his time.

This space was a large Installation space we created for a young man with repeated and consistent trauma in his life. This sculptural element of the work described his mum’s challenges in balancing the care of her son with her illness and addiction.