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Leonie Rhodes is an established, acquired, and award-winning sculptor. A multidisciplinary artist, and a senior arts educator.  They graduated in Fine art Sculpture at Chelsea School of Art London and studied Figurative Sculpture at the New York Studio School, New York. Originally from London and now an Australian citizen, they live and work in Brisbane.

 Leonie specializes in bronze sculptures of marginalised people and is interested in depicting identity through detail and subtle abstraction. They make modern figurative, and object-based sculpture and installations as well as live performance pieces, paintings, drawings, murals, and public participatory installations.

 Leonie is skilled in multidisciplinary art making techniques as well theory and education.  Excellent interpersonal, therapeutic and trauma aware skills draw these practices together and support them as a public educator. 

Leonie makes work about identity, community and public space. Leonie began sculpting people at 8 years old has been exhibiting internationally for twenty years in solo and group exhibitions. Locally, they have exhibited for four years at the Swell Sculpture Festival, the Gold Coast council has acquired five sculptural pieces which remain on permanent display. This year in June they had a solo exhibition and event at Penny Contemporary Gallery in Hobart and completed a bronze commission by Bleachfestival for the 2018 commonwealth games.  This year and last they showed at The Powerhouse Brisbane. In 2017 they created an installation involving 13 works as part ‘Signs of the time’ a street art exhibition at The Arts Centre Gold Coast.  And in 2016 they had a solo show at The Hinge Gallery, Dust Temple as well showing at the Analogue Gallery, Bench, and the Culprit Club. Leonie sells their work in shops and galleries around the county. 

Leonie's large-scale public installations are dynamic in their approach to public interaction. Often involving 100-1000 people. Most recently they installed a public participatory sculpture at 'Artplay' in Melbourne's Federation Square which included the work of 200 young people. Leonie has produced numerous projects in this context for councils, galleries, and festivals including Shoreditch Town hall, London (5000 young people), Brisbane Airport Corporation, The Gold Coast Art Center and 'Linden New Art' in Melbourne. 

Leonie is co-director of the Street art events company DELVE who specialize in interactive graffiti walls and underground music.  Leonie Dj's under the alias BOOM BOOM BEAN SELECTA, a black cat alter-ego with a large underground following and reputation for extended and transformative dance floor experiences .